noun: squad;
an elite group of people on a mission to succeed 🎖

You’ve discovered the Squad.

The ultimate online programme dedicated to showing how YOU can achieve your dream body without eating like a 🐰


When we say EVERYTHING you need to transform, we mean it!

Sculpt Squad Coach

An award winning personal trainer at your finger tips for Q&As, weekly check-ins, accountability, support, motivation and more.

💪 Workouts

No-nonsense workouts that get rapid results even in the busiest gyms

🍏 Nutrition Plan

Customised to your goals and dietary preferences. You like Pizza? It’s on the menu

🤣 Group Chat

Get to know the Squad, chat to the coaches, heck, post your favourite meme!

🙌 Progress Dashboard

Record your progress and see the changes like you’ve never seen before.

👊 Exercise eLibrary

Perform each exercise with perfect form and feel a new level of confidence in the gym.


SCULPTSQUAD is a group of doughnut eating, barbell smashing, fitness outliers who break all the rules 🤫 If you want boring clean eating meal plans with no social life – you’re in the wrong place.

Our mission is to help people like YOU get in the shape of their lives whilst having a laugh with a group of like minded people. If that sounds like you, you’re in 🎉

Our doughnut eating, often topless head coach David Featherstone is an award winning body transformation specialist that will be at your finger tips (literally) around the clock to motivate and inspire you to stay on track and smash your goals 👊


12 WEEKS  🚀


No sweat! Just click the button below to get your burning questions answered!

🤔 What is Sculpt Squad?

In a nutshell, Sculpt Squad is 12 week online lifestyle and body group transformation class that delivers incredible results, every time.

🤐 Can I join anytime?

No – the doors are open for only a limited time and to a limited number of people. When the doors open get in quick. To avoid missing your spot – join the waiting list here:

🧐 Who is this suitable for?

Men and women, over the age of 18 who are looking to smash their personal health and fitness goals whilst having fun along the way. Drop unwanted body fat, increase strength and build lean muscle – how does that sound?

😎 How does it work?

Once you’ve signed up you’ll be invited to join our exclusive Group Chat where all the magic happens. Within a few seconds you’ll have instant access to all the content you’ll need for the 12 Weeks and our coach will officially welcome you to the Squad.

🤨 Do I need to go to a gym?

The best results are achieved through our incredible gym workouts. However we do also provide some home workouts that can be done anytime, anywhere and without any equipment.

😍 How do I get started?

Just click the “I’m In” button below and enter your information. You’ll get instant access to the member’s area…which means you are just a few moments away from kick starting a life changing transformation!

The New You Is Just A Click Away!   🤩

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